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Softhard Solutions ShopMate is a High productivity Automotive Business Accounting Sql Server Database System Software Package with a built-in Automotive Business Accounting Software Component which can be turned OFF for other businesses.

The following tasks are available on this page:

In order to run successful companies through expert small business accounting and management practices, ShopMate offers network-ready Business Accounting Software to help small to medium businesses manage their:

  • Invoices in accounts receivable
  • Purchase orders in accounts payable
  • Customer and supplier relations
  • Customer vehicle history
  • Product stock inventory
  • Employee payroll (optional)
  • General ledger
  • Financial banking
  • Daily banking
  • Extensive financial reporting
  • Extensive backing up, restoring procedures
  • Extensive context sensitive help
  • And much more...

Improvements - Enhancements

What's New in ShopMate Automotive Business Accounting Software? There have been many great enhancements and improvements implemented in ShopMate since MotoShop Automotive 3.0 and ShopMate 2007 - 2015. Some of these include:

  • If your business has multiple branches and you need to share one database, ShopMate supports connections to Cloud Sql Server and Database Services. These services enable you to run ShopMate anywhere in the world and connect to your database.

  • Introduction of the Company Branches. The Company Branches may be used by companies that have one or more branches in their business operations structure. Each branch is a separate business structure and handles its own data only. An exception is the Branch number one, Main Company Branch, which is associated with the Business Details Manager which handles its data.

    Data for all branches is put in the same tables, separated only by a unique BranchID number using the same database. Each record in tables (for example: Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Invoices, Orders...) has a unique identification number called BranchID which is used for filtering the data for the individual branches.

  • ShopMate has access to more data and can present more data (in grids, reports etc.). If your Operating system is 64 bit, ShopMate can take advantage of this by installing 64 bit components, like Sql Server 2012. The database you operate can contain a lot more data than 32 bit components and is a lot faster in data presentations.

  • ShopMate has internationalized the data displays. No matter what country code you run on your machine's Operating system, dates, currency and similar are displayed according to your machine's code, making it more readable for you.

  • ShopMate now starts with the main Tool Bar for grater orientation. You can set this in the Main View menu.

  • There is a whole new look to ShopMate forms. Most of the colours were made System Colours so if you change your Windows colour system scheme, these colours will change according to your colour scheme selection. You can also set your own colours in the ShopMate System module.

  • Introduction of the Microsoft ClickOnce Internet Deployment Technology. The advantage of the CDT is the effortless initial deployment of ShopMate Application and all consequent updates to our customers computer.

    Any future updates or service packs of ShopMate are given to you free, automatically, you are notified when you run ShopMate. All you have to do is click Yes to the question 'Do you want to install this update?'.

  • Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (or higher) as its primary data store. This enables you, among other things, to have only one set of data in just one database for the lifetime duration of ShopMate operations of your business.

  • The ShopMate Database resides on any instance of SQL Server 2012, or higher, installed on your machine. This sql server may be supplied by you or, if you do not have your own installed, Softhard Solutions will provide one for you. You do not need to purchase your own server (although you can, and should if you wish to do things that ShopMate may not be doing).

    This is regulated at the ShopMate Install Time. If an instance of SQL Server 2012, or higher, is already installed on the machine, the installer uses it. If not, a new instance of SQL Server Express 2012, named SQLEXPRESS, is installed by the installer.

  • More robust and, most importantly, safer data manipulation in the application with better backup facilities of ShopMate Sql Database. Please note that the name of the tables and table column names, as well as any stored procedures and triggers must never be renamed or changed!!

  • Simpler ShopMate Install time. No need to load up an instance of sql server first and the application later. All of this is done for you at the time of the installation of ShopMate.

  • Acquisition of data is performed in real time. You never deal with any redundant data in your ShopMate forms. The forms containing data are updated automatically every 100 (default) milliseconds (10 times a second), depending on your settings, maintaining all the open forms on current network and database connection constantly with fresh data, making any Concurrency of data (making changes to the same data at the same time by two or more users) almost not existent. This is done quietly, behind the scenes.

  • Ability to make your own reports in addition to already extensive ShopMate reporting. If you purchase your own Microsoft SQL Server 2012, you can use the user interfaces, supplied by the server, to interrogate the database in any way you wish in addition to data interrogation that ShopMate supplies. Note that this requires a good knowledge of SQL language syntax to form sql server queries.

  • Handling of the government Goods and Services, Excise and Employee taxes. If you are in a business that requires handling of the excise tax, on top of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) or VAT (Value Added Tax), ShopMate handles this for you.

  • Introduction of the ShopMate Subscription Service. The advantage of the SSS is that you do not need to purchase any extra network user licences in order for multiple users to connect to and work with ShopMate at the same time. You have unlimited user connections.

    Also any future upgrades or service packs of ShopMate are given to you free, automatically (you are notified after each new release if your machine is connected to Internet Network). These items had to be purchased separately in previous versions of ShopMate.

  • Ability to delete invoices and purchase orders that are either partially or fully paid. This was impossible in previous versions of ShopMate and MotoShop Automotive. If you received any payment for an invoice or paid for an order, you could not delete them later, if this was required. Now they are rolled back on demand.

  • Ability to perform more work conveniently in one place through the use of multiple task bar pages in most ShopMate forms.

  • Ability to have more forms open at the same time from different modules. In previous versions, you had to dismiss all the forms of the current module before you were able to get at forms of another module.

And much more...

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Existing Users (of ShopMate 2007 - 2014)

This updated major release, and all the future releases, will uninstall any previous versions first and then install the current public version (except the Sql Server, it is not uninstalled even if it was originally installed on your machine by the ShopMate installation so your server and data are safe). The previous connection, and any other settings you may have done, will not be lost with the new update installation.

Users do not have to ever re-connect to their SQL Servers and Databases if they use the Internet Installation Setup of ShopMate and, unless we specifically ask them to do so, they do not have to run the internal system service pack. The previous connection, and any other settings you may have done, is NOT lost with the new update installations which are automatic when you run ShopMate.

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Fixes - Additions

Service Pack Fix - Addition
version release
2015 Version 9 - New release - Includes all fixes and additions.
Sp 2 for v2007
Data manipulation improvements. This release is distributed with the Microsoft SQL Server EXPRESS Edition Service Pack 2, current is SP 4. There were no sql service packs available in the previous release.

For Automotive users, few new reports were added to ShopMate's Invoice Printout Styles that display Labour and Parts sums. To find them, in the Invoice Styles Manager look for the word 'Lab' (for Labour) embedded in their names.
Sp 1 for v2007
The timing in the Backup, Restore and Recreate modules. An intermittent bug that was making our lives miserable. Also the dates are now displayed according to the Date settings set on your computer. If you can't delete your own subledger, even if there are no transaction entries in it, this release fixes this bug.

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