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Welcome to Softhard Solutions ShopMate Automotive Business Accounting Database Software Purchase Prices and Subscription Service page.

If you have landed on this page from any of the Softhard Solutions ShopMate website pages wanting to see the prices of ShopMate Business Accounting Database Software or from your web search for the best Automotive Business Accounting Software Program for your business (the automotive business software component of ShopMate can be switched off for any small to medium business), then you are in the right place.

On this page:

ShopMate Subscription Service

The advantage of the ShopMate Subscription Service is that you do not need to purchase any extra network licences in order for multiple users to connect to and work with ShopMate at the same time. You have unlimited user connections.

With ShopMate Subscription Service you can run ShopMate operations with no upfront fees and you can choose when you run it by purchasing time to run it no matter how long you make the breaks between runs. When you come back from your break, simply contact us for a re-start licence number and go on to continue your business accounting operations .

Any future major upgrades or service packs of ShopMate are given to you free, automatically, whether you purchase or subscribe. You are notified after each new release when you use the Internet Installation of ShopMate. These items had to be purchased separately in previous versions of ShopMate and MotoShop Automotive.

What you need to do to purchase or subscribe

Contact us to register your company trading name with us as a ShopMate owner user here on this site. This will enable us to communicate better. Note that you do not need to register during the first one month free trial. Whether you are a first time user or an existing user the methods are the same.

We need your exact Company Trading Name under which you have registered or will register your copy of ShopMate at setup time and your Email Address. Beside its use in various ShopMate reports, we are using the company trading name to generate your unique subscription or registration number each time you ask for extension or full purchase. Send these details on our Contact Us Page. Your subscription or purchase registration number will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.

Following tables contain various negotiable subscription service periods and their rates for your choice. Note that the payments are in Australian dollars or equivalent value in other currencies. In some regions the prices may be lower. We reserve the right to change the prices without notice.

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Special introductory offer

Special introductory offer for first time users:

Period Australian dollars
ShopMate introductory Subscription Service rates
First month Free
Then for the first 5 months AUD$100.00
Outright purchase* AUD$595.00 (negotiable**)
All payments are arranged via e-mail***

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After the special introductory offer

After the special introductory offer for all users:

Period Australian dollars
ShopMate Subscription Service rates
Six Months AUD$140.00
One Year AUD$260.00
Two Years AUD$500.00
Outright purchase* AUD$595.00 (negotiable**)
All payments are arranged via e-mail***

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*If you purchase ShopMate, the ShopMate Subscription Service prices do not apply. ShopMate comes with 1 network user connection as default. If you need more user connections at the same time (networking), you must purchase each user connection separately. Cost is one time AUD$50.00 per additional user. This is negotiable with more user connections.

Under subscription the user connections are unlimited. Any updates and new releases of ShopMate will come to you free automatically. Note that all prices include 10% VAT (Value Added Tax) or GST (Goods and Services Tax).

**If you are an existing MotoShop Automotive owner user and you want to upgrade to ShopMate, you can purchase or subscribe to ShopMate for up to one time 10% discounted price. Additionally, any number of network user licences you have in MotoShop Automotive will be given to you free for ShopMate if you purchase ShopMate outright (no need to do anything if you subscribe).

***Any service you wish to pay for, the steps are the same:

1. For whatever payments, first, we need your Company Trading Name exactly as you entered it at the ShopMate Installation Time and your Email Address with which we can conduct the financial and other business together.

2. Using the email address you have given us, you let us know what it is you want to pay for (subscription, purchase or network user) on our Contact Us Page where you can read further instructions as to what details we need.

3. We use the PayPal financial services for all our payments. We will send you an e-mail message with a Request for Payment. Just follow the instructions contained in the message. Please note that all the financial transactions are guaranteed to be safe by PayPal company.

4. When your payment is received, we will send you a special number, encoded with your Company Trading Name, which you use to extend your Subscription to ShopMate, for outright Purchase of ShopMate or for new Network User(s).

Please read Softhard Solutions Privacy Policy Statement about the security of your details.

After you've checked out our prices here (remember: all prices listed are negotiable), go to our Download page and then download and install ShopMate on your computer. Try the ShopMate operations for 30 days free. Let us know if you need more time to learn, Softhard Solutions can extend the initial free 30 days by whatever reasonable time you need.

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