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If you want to Host your ShopMate Database in a Cloud Service, ShopMate will allow you to do that. Than you can reach your data from anywhere in the world. This is good for businesses having large premises or branches and sharing the same Database data. For immediate installation, install ShopMate Business Accounting Database Software from us via the Internet Network.

You can also download missing, corrupted or needed files if you are a current user with existing installation(s). ShopMate is downloaded and installed from our Cloud Software Distribution Stores at Microsoft Azure data storage server, using secured 'https://' communication protocol.

Check out the ShopMate System Requirements.

The following tasks are available on this page:

Softhard Solutions ShopMate is a high productivity (invoices and orders made in seconds) Automotive Business Accounting Software program for small to medium businesses, with a built-in Automotive Software - Car Repair Workshop Management Software Component which can be turned off for businesses that do not need it.

Download and Installation details

The Microsoft ClickOnce deployment technology is used. ClickOnce deployment overcomes three major issues in deployment: Difficulties in updating applications, Impact to the user's computer and Security permissions. All future version updates of ShopMate are easy to transport to your machine(s) automatically, you are notified as soon as you run ShopMate next time after the new update.

Install ShopMate and use it for 30 Days Free Operations Trial:

Application Name: ShopMate Database
Release: Release 2016
Publisher: Softhard Solutions
Language: English
Prerequisites: The following prerequisites are required to run ShopMate (supplied if necessary):

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Installer 4.5
  • SQL Server 2012 or higher, minimum Express Edition
  • Microsoft® System CLR Types for SQL Server 2012® (x86)
  • Microsoft® System CLR Types for SQL Server 2012® (x64)
  • Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime
The installation uses the ShopMateSetup.exe file, the windows installer, which CHECKS for all the above prerequisites and if any are missing, attempts to install them first.
When you click this button the ShopMateSetup.exe is downloaded. Depending on your browser, most save the file in your user Downloads folder.

Safari Browser
In Safari you can choose to save or run the installer. Click Run button. This will save the file and start the installation.

Firefox Browser
In Firefox you can choose to save installer. Click Save File button. This will save the file.

Chrome Browser
In Chrome the installer is saved. You may get a warning that this file is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous and shows Discard button. This happens after each new release or update of ShopMate and will disappear in time since the installer file is digitally signed. In that case press the down arrow and click Keep button. This will save the file.

Internet Explorer Browser
In Internet Explorer you can choose to save or run the installer. Press Run button. This will save the file and start the installation.

64 bit ShopMate runs on 64 bit Windows 7 and 8 but is slow to load and execute forms. Once a form is loaded though, it is remembered by these systems and consequent accesses are fast (in current ShopMate session). Use 32 bit ShopMate on these systems for normal operation.

Install 32 bit ShopMate - For Windows 7 and 8:

Install 64 bit ShopMate - For Windows 10 or higher:

If you have not clicked any Run button, after saving the file, navigate to it and run it by clicking or double-clicking the file. This will start the installation. First any prerequisites are downloaded and installed and then, finally, when the Windows Security asks you if you want to Install the Application, click the Install button to start final installation.
The security pop-ups, if any, when you run the ShopMateSetup.exe (and the Prerequisites), is there for your protection. Never run any executable (.exe) file you download unless it is digitally signed, it clearly shows the publisher name if it is, or you know it is safe to run it. All our assemblies (.exe, .dll etc.) are digitally signed. The Prerequisites are signed by Microsoft Corporation.

Shortcut is created on your Desktop. To run ShopMate later, use shortcut on your desktop or navigate to it via Start Button on your desktop task bar.
End User Licence
Agreement (EULA):
Before you begin with the ShopMate Installation, make sure you read the Softhard Solutions ShopMate End User Licence Agreement. To read it click this button link:

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What you will download and install

Softhard Solutions Australia ShopMate has been designed from the ground up in intuitive, simple and understandable form. For this large business accounting database program, you do not have to be an accountant to understand ShopMate's various financial reports and data.

If you are a MotoShop Automotive owner user, you already know our approach to simplification of the language used and if you are MotoShop user you can seamlessly upgrade to ShopMate.

ShopMate Automotive Business Accounting System Software is predominantly a CRM (customer relations management) and an SRM (supplier relations management) software program for small businesses, with a built-in Automotive Repair Shop Management Software Component - vehicles are associated with customers and dealt with in the invoices. This feature can be turned off if your business is not to repair vehicles in an automotive workshop.

Softhard Solutions ShopMate does not offer any sections of its software to analyze or tune the car engines, for that you probably have a whole program already, it only offers the Automotive accounting side of handling of invoices and associated payments for repairing them.

Softhard Solutions ShopMate is backed by a powerful database storage engine system, sitting on Microsoft® Sql Server®, your data is very safe with the extensive timed or manual Backup and Restore Database procedures and, if you know the Sql language syntax, gives you many other ways of interrogating your data outside of Softhard Solutions ShopMate operations.

We are pleased to present you with the full, unabridged, version of Softhard Solutions ShopMate for download and installation. Every current update or release version is the full release version of Softhard Solutions ShopMate - a fully functioning version of the product. The functioning of the program, not the program itself, will expire 30 days from the installation date. It can be extended any time by purchasing Softhard Solutions ShopMate Automotive Business Accounting System Software or subscriptions to it.

After 30 days, you will have to register an ongoing subscription with Softhard Solutions Australia. For pricing details see ShopMate Subscription and Purchase Price List.

A good thing is that if you decide to keep Softhard Solutions ShopMate, you do not have to reload it. You can keep on working with any data you may have accumulated during the month trial of the product. And do not forget... you are totally supported by Softhard Solutions and, if you use the Internet installation, you are automatically notified of any future updates or releases of Softhard Solutions ShopMate which are always free!!!

Please, carefully read this, more detailed article on:

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Download and Installation of missing or corrupted files

Following table contains all the available files for download. Select the appropriate file and click its button link below to start the download from our Cloud Software Distribution Stores at Microsoft Azure data storage server, using secured 'https://' protocol. When the pop-up opens after the download starts, click the Save button.

ShopMate Software Downloads

Download and install needed Files

File Name Downloads
0.931 MB
There are no major changes since last ShopMate release.
ShopMate Help file. This is the main ShopMate context help file and must be in the same ShopMate run time folder as the ShopMate executable file ShopMate.exe where it was installed at the ShopMate installation time by the Internet Installer. When the Windows Security asks you if you want to Run or Save the ShopMate.chm file, click the Save button and then select the run time folder.

AccessEngine 32
(26.182 MB)
AccessEngine 64
(28.746 MB)
Template Database
(0.624 MB)
In ShopMate, upgrading from older MS Access data databases and importing data via MS Office, need access to these databases. If these methods do not work, your Operating System must be enabled for MS Office Data Access. Download and run AccessDatabaseEngine.exe (32 bit) or AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe (64 bit) file provided here by Softhard Solutions. This will enable accessing data from or to MS Access (.mdb) data database files. If you want to Upgrade database from MotoShop access data database you must download and run 32 bit version

Use ShopMate.mdb template database for importing data records. It can be in the sub folder:
of the main run time folder where ShopMate was installed at the ShopMate installation time by the Internet Installer.
Or, after downloading, fill it with data and point to the place where the database is when importing.

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Installation Instructions

Important Reminder Notice
Before you start the ShopMate installation, make sure that the host (ShopMate's) computer's International date template setting is set to Australian:
(displays 1-Jan-2015), if you are in Australia and it is appropriate. Set this template appropriately for your country, ShopMate uses it to display its dates to you in forms and reports. You will find it in the
Control Panel/Regional and Language Options/Customize/Date Tab/Short date format combo.
Type in the above format (exactly, only the three Ms are in capitals), choose hyphen as the date separator and press OK button and then again OK button. If you do not do this, ShopMate will display its dates according to this template as default and the displayed dates may not be what you want them to be.
You will find other things there, like currency, you may want to set.

Also make sure that any computer machine(s) on which you want to install ShopMate has its 'Computer Name' property set. To find out, on your desktop right click the 'My Computer' icon and select the 'Properties' option. On the System Properties Settings click the 'Computer Name' tab. In there you can see the Full Computer Name. If it is not there, push the 'Change...' button to set it.

To install Internet download

The Internet download and installation is a good way of installing ShopMate Application on your computer for current user of the machine. We are using Microsoft ClickOnce Technology to deploy digitally signed ShopMate application to our customers computers.

It makes it easy for them to receive all ShopMate Updates that we implement and publish by being notified automatically about current changes when they run ShopMate. They do not loose any settings they may have set and the installation of the updates is done smoothly, behind the scenes, without any interaction.

ShopMate application is downloaded and installed. This installation uses the ShopMateSetup.exe file, the windows installer, which CHECKS for all the needed prerequisites. Your browser would normally complain that it is dangerous to download this file but we digitally sign all our assemblies and executables so your browser will not bother you much. Continue download, you must succeed in running it, (in IE choose Run button, in Chrome double click the downloaded file). When finally ShopMate application is being installed by this file, you are asked by the Windows Security if you want to install this application with Softhard Solutions as publisher.

Publisher is us, Softhard Solutions and the system would know and warn you if the file was somehow changed since it is digitally signed so click Install to that to start the final installation.

The Internet type of setup is performed within the Internet security zone which means that the ShopMate installation is performed with very high security and low privileges and permissions. ShopMate application is installed in a so called 'Sand Box' configuration and each user of your machine must install it for themselves individually.

This means it is installed only for the current user logged in to your machine. In other words, each user must download and install ShopMate application if they want to use it.

Windows security may bother you for an elevated permission to run the installation file(s).

Important Note
Since ShopMate accesses system resources, prerequisites to install, Sql Server, files to back up etc., the user installing, running and using ShopMate must have system Administrative privileges!

  1. Click on the Install ShopMate Application button (above) to start the installation. After you overcome all the browser and windows security complaints, if any since ShopMate application is digitally signed, ShopMate will launch automatically.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of ShopMate on your computer. Unlike the Windows Installer, the Internet installations (above) do not have full Administrative rights and permissions and run within the Internet Security Zone.

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Instructions for Use

After the installation, do one of the following to run ShopMate:

  1. Shortcut is created on your Desktop with ShopMate icon at installation time. Click on it to run ShopMate.

  2. From your Task Bar Manager navigate to:
    Start/All Programs/Softhard Solutions/ShopMate Database shortcut and click or double click it.

  3. From your Windows Explorer navigate to:
    If you need ShopMate resources, navigate where ever the system has installed ShopMate, similar to this location for Windows 7, 8 and 10 system:
    C:\Users\(Your User Name)\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\

    (in your case the numbers from Apps\2.0\ on will be different). This is the way Microsoft embeds the ClickOnce Applications. The important bit is the shop..tion (shopmate application) of the last long sub folder. If there are more than one it means there have been updates installed. In each, point on the ShopMate.exe file with your mouse and a pop up will tell you which version of ShopMate it is. Do not use or delete the older versions. In fact do not change any files or directories here.

To remove this download and installation

Important Note
The user installing ShopMate or uninstalling ShopMate must be logged into the workstation's Windows system with Administrator type privileges and permissions. This is also true for running ShopMate, because the application must have access to various sensitive parts of the Windows system resources (sql server etc.).

The ShopMate installation is removed as follows:

  1. On the Start menu, point to and then click Control Panel.
    If you have installed from the Internet it is done the same as follows.
  2. Click Uninstall Programs (Win 7, 8 and 10).
  3. In the list of currently installed programs, select ShopMate Database icon(s) (different in Internet setup for the application) and then click Remove or Add/Remove. If a dialog box appears, follow the instructions to remove the program.
  4. Click Yes or OK to confirm that you want to remove the program.

    Important Note
    NO Sql Server (and therefore your database) is removed with the uninstallation of ShopMate, even if a Sql Server was initially installed by the ShopMate Installation. If you want to remove it, it must be done separately, in the same place as the uninstallation steps above.

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