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YouMe Dating Service App

YouMe Dating Service App

Welcome to Softhard Solutions YouMe dating service app . YouMe is all about relationships, be it a friendship or mate-ship, you may find someone you match with. This app is designed for people who do not have time to go out, or do not want to go out but want to meet other people and do so in complete privacy. 

You can use YouMe app anywhere in the world as long as your device has access to the Internet Network. There are no hidden charges and no ads within the app. 

YouMe dating app uses its own, powerful, messaging and chatting system between two parties. Your private information is never revealed to other party. It is totally up to you to reveal your private information, such as phone number, last name or email address, to a user you like. What is revealed to interested users, for matching purposes, is your photo, age, occupation, gender, sexual orientation, country, city, suburb and your interests as stated in your profile. 

Basic operation involves browsing your Preferred Members or Favourite Members collection records as set in your Match Preferences Details in your profile. Find a user you like, possibly adding the liked user to your Favourite Members collection, send the user a message or initiate a Private Chat which will automatically send a requesting message to the user, and hope the user will answer you back.

If you find any interested member users offensive, insulting, rude, derogatory or disrespectful in their messages or chats or showing immoral content in their extra 5 photos of themselves, you can block all contacts from such users to send you messages and request private chats.

To find the app on your device (android phone or tablet) go to Google Playstore, in the search box type in 'YouMe Dating'. Select our Icon to install YouMe on your device.