ShopMate Desktop Business Application

ShopMate Desktop Business Application

ShopMate Business Accounting Database Package

is a high productivity Business Accounting Database Software Package with a built-in Automotive Business Software Component designed for the Automotive Transport Industry business environment, dealing with work on customer vehicles, such as:

  • Automotive Software for Auto Mechanical Workshops.

  • Car Repair Software for Auto Repair Workshops.

  • Auto electrical Software for Auto Electricians.

  • Reconditioning Software for Reconditioning and Remanufacturing Businesses.

  • Exhaust Software for Exhaust Specialists.

  • Brake and Clutch Software for Brake and Clutch businesses.

  • Suspension business Software for Suspension Specialists.

  • Any type of Automotive Repair Specialists.

  • Tyre Software for Tyre Outlets.

  • Truck Repair Software for Truck Repairers.
  • Marine Software for Marine and boat repairs.

  • Motorcycle Software for Motorcycle and scooter repairs.

  • Bicycle Software for Bicycle repairers.

  • Parts Software for Parts Retail and Wholesale.

  • Farm machinery Software for Farm machinery repairers.

  • Heavy machinery Software for Heavy machinery repairers.

  • Caravan Software for Caravan repairers.

  • RV Software for RV repairers.

  • Dismantling Software for Auto Dismantlers / Wreckers.

  • And many others.

The Automotive Component part of ShopMate can be switched ON and OFF within ShopMate on demand. Switch it OFF for any other business dealing with customers and suppliers such as:

  • Small to Medium Business
  • Home Business
  • Spare Parts Shops
  • Retail Outlets
  • Wine making/selling Industries
  • And Similar Businesses

The ShopMate Business Management Software Program can be set up as a single or multi-user system in your automotive or other service facility. Multi-user will allow you to have your front desk computers setting up customer vehicle booking jobs for your workstations in technician bays. Multi-level passwords limit each employee-technician to appropriate access to the ShopMate Business Management Software Program. Similar businesses can be handled this way.

Important Note
Softhard Solutions ShopMate for Windows® is a large, Business Accounting Software, Sql Server Database backed system with lots of Data Input. For this reason, only Devices (Desktops, Laptops and Tablets) capable of running Windows 7, 8, 10 or later are supported. There is no support for Tablets and Phones incapable of running Windows.

There have been many great enhancements and improvements implemented in ShopMate. Some of these include:

  • If your business has multiple branches or your business premises are large and you need to share one database, ShopMate supports connections to Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Sql Server and Database Services. These services enable you to save on your own infrastructure and run ShopMate anywhere in the world and connect to your database where ever a connection to the Internet Network is available.

  • Introduction of the Company Branches. The Company Branches may be used by companies that have one or more branches in their business operations structure. Each branch is a separate business structure and handles its own data only. An exception is the Branch number one, Main Company Branch, which is associated with the Business Details Manager which handles its data.

    Data for all branches is put in the same tables, separated only by a unique BranchID number using the same database. Each record in tables (for example: Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Invoices, Orders...) has a unique identification number called BranchID which is used for filtering the data for the individual branches.

  • Using Microsoft® SQL Server 2012® (or higher) as ShopMate primary relational data store. This enables you, among other things, to be sure not to loose any data and to have only one set of data situated in just one database for the lifetime duration of ShopMate operations of your business.

  • The ShopMate Database resides on any instance of SQL Server 2012® or higher, installed on your machine or Cloud service. On your premises, this sql server may be supplied by you or, if you do not have your own installed, Softhard Solutions will provide one for you in the ShopMate Install Time.

  • Acquisition of data is performed in real time. You never deal with any redundant data in your ShopMate forms. The forms containing data are updated automatically every 100 (if connected to Cloud it is done differently) millisecond (10 times a second), maintaining all the forms on current network constantly with fresh data, making any concurrency of data (making changes to the same data at the same time by two or more users) almost not existent. This is done quietly, behind the scenes.

  • Ability to make your own reports in addition to already extensive ShopMate. reporting. If you purchase your own Microsoft® SQL Server 2012®, you can use the user interfaces, supplied by the server, to interrogate the database in any way you wish in addition to data interrogation that ShopMate supplies. Note that this requires a good knowledge of SQL language to form server queries.

  • Handling of the government Goods and Services (VAT - value added tax), Excise and Employee taxes. If you are in a business that requires handling of the excise tax, on top of the GST, ShopMate. handles this for you.

  • And much more...

Softhard Solutions ShopMate is a network-ready Business Accounting Software to help small to medium businesses manage their invoices in accounts receivable, purchase orders in accounts payable, product stock inventory, employee payroll, financial banking, daily banking, customer and supplier relations and various financial reporting in order to run successful companies through expert small business accounting and management practices. ShopMate software is designed to help small to medium businesses manage their:

  • Easy connection to Cloud Sql Server and Database services
  • Easy labour scheduling and job creation, including labour usage guide
  • Invoices (made in seconds) in accounts receivable
  • Over 70 invoice printouts to choose from
  • Customer and supplier relations
  • Customer vehicle(s) repair history
  • Customer marketing, service reminders
  • Counter Sales
  • Purchase orders in accounts payable
  • Automatic purchase order creation for sold products
  • Business activity statements
  • Product stock inventory
  • Employee payroll (optional)
  • General ledger
  • Financial banking
  • Daily banking
  • Extensive financial reporting
  • Extensive data Backup and Restoration procedures
  • Extensive context sensitive help
  • And much more...

Just think of how much time and effort you will save using Softhard ShopMate which is very comprehensive, extensible, very user friendly and with Context Help.
Download and Install ShopMate for 30 Days free operations trial now.

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