MotoShop Desktop Business Accounting

MotoShop Desktop Business Accounting

MotoShop Workshop Management Database Software System

All Versions of MotoShop are Deprecated
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SoftHard Solutions MotoShop Automotive Business Software product, our first successful flagship, was developed under the joint venture of Softhard Solutions Australia, Motro Automotive Pty. Ltd. and MotoSoft Business Systems Pty. Ltd., for the purpose of Automotive Workshop Management with greater emphasis on the Business Accounting part of the Automotive Business.

If you are looking for information about your MotoShop Automotive Workshop Software, for an easy upgrade to more modern ShopMate Business Accounting Software or for a small to medium Business Accounting Software Program or for the Best Automotive Repair Shop Accounting Software, then you are on the right page and closer to manage your business the easy way - your way.

MotoShop Automotive, name taken from combination of moto - meaning motor or automotive and shop - denoting a Workshop Business Management, was designed for the Automotive Car Repair Shop Environment such as Automotive Mechanical Car Repair Workshops , Automotive Electrical Workshops, Tyre Outlets, Exhaust Repair Centres and Suspension Specialists. It could also be used in Spare Parts Shops and Retail outlets.

MotoShop Automotive was built with the automotive industry businesses in mind, ShopMate was built, with the MotoShop Automotive engine included, for any small to medium business including the automotive business accounting of automotive industry. The Automotive Business Software component of ShopMate can be switched On or Off.

ShopMate is a collection of modules with Microsoft Sql Server 2012 (included in the package if you do not already have one installed on your computer) serving as the back end for the data, making your data very safe and, if you wish to upgrade from MotoShop Automotive to ShopMate, supports the MotoShop Automotive accumulated data as well (see the MotoShop backward compatibility).

Important Note
Since the release of ShopMate v3.0.3. back in January 2006, after twelve successful years, All versions of MotoShop Automotive Business Accounting Software ARE DEPRECATED and Not Supported by Softhard Solutions any longer now for the above reasons. So, superseded by ShopMate, after 12 wonderful years we are sorry to say to the MotoShop Automotive users that this is the end of line for MotoShop Automotive due to Progress.

For more information about the deprecation of MotoShop please see:
MotoShop Automotive Business Accounting Database Software

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