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09/02/2016 17:43

Article on Migration of ShopMate Sql Database to Cloud Service

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Hi everyone,

In recent version of ShopMate, Softhard Solutions implemented the ability to host the ShopMate Database in Microsoft Windows Azure sql server and database cloud services. This post of Migration of ShopMate Sql Database to Cloud Service procedures using Microsoft Windows Azure sql database cloud services is dedicated to all users asking questions: What is Cloud Service? or Why should I put my ShopMate Database to the Cloud? and others.

Those of you who want to know more of what Softhard Solutions ShopMateWb, ShopMate or AzureMate are, learn more about ShopMateWeb Online, ShopMate Desktop or AzureMate Desktop.

Note that Softhard Solutions has tested only the Microsoft Azure Sql Server and Database Cloud Services. There should be little difference with other Cloud service providers if they offer the same sql server and database service.

What is Cloud?

A Cloud is basically a network of service provider (in this case Microsoft) data centres to which you can connect via Internet and use the services they provide as though they were running locally on your machine.

What is Cloud Service?

Typically, a Cloud Service replicates, or mimics if you like, a computer program or service that can normally run on your machine locally. Say, for example, you want to run a Windows Server where you will have a database of customers and serving their websites. You must buy expensive computer then install expensive Windows Server operating system then you must buy expensive Sql Server program and list goes on how the hardware and software infrastructure should be to perform the tasks you want.

Microsoft offers so called Virtual Machines (VM) which you create with exactly the services you require and run it via Internet on any inexpensive machine. This may save you a lot of money.

The same way, you can create an sql server service in Microsoft Azure Cloud and use it to host your ShopMate Database. This service does not require the more expensive VM and you only pay for data traffic that ShopMate downloads into its forms, not for new data being uploaded to Azure ShopMate Database.

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When should I use Cloud Sql Service?

When you host your ShopMate database in a Cloud you have the ability to connect to its data from anywhere in the world as long as you have an access to the Internet Network. Consider the following:

  • If you have access to a Sql Server 2012 (or higher) on your machine and ShopMate can connect to it and you are sure you will use only this machine for your ShopMate operations, then do not bother, you would pay monthly fee for nothing.

  • If you have local network with many workstations and all of them have access to a designated Sql Server 2012 (or higher), you need every workstation machine to run Windows Professional Operating System, or higher, needed for proper networking connections it provides.
    You can benefit from hosting your database in Cloud because it is easier to connect each machine with any operating system, as long as it can run a copy of ShopMate, to your Cloud database than it is to tweak each machine to connect to a designated machine hosting the sql server and your database. You also have access to your database at home, on holidays or anytime anywhere in the world.

  • If you have several places (branches) of your business operations and you want each of these places to connect to one ShopMate database's data, you need expensive dedicated modems and telephone or other carrier lines to connect all your places into a wide area network.
    You can also benefit from hosting your database in Cloud in this case. Each place can, in turn, have local area network that connects, via Internet, to your ShopMate Cloud database. You also have access to your database at home, on holidays or anytime anywhere in the world.

Can I move my existing database to Cloud Sql Service?

Once you create a Microsoft Azure Sql Server Cloud Service and provide ShopMate with the necessary connection strings it is capable of creating a new database with a name you want on the service.
If you already have an existing database on your current premises, yes it is easy to migrate your existing ShopMate database from your premises to Azure Cloud. You need an on-premises installed SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (or higher), available free from Microsoft SSMS Download Center. The following blog link will explain in more details How to Migrate an On-Premises SQL Server 2012 Database to Windows Azure SQL Database.

I hope this helps to everyone and to so many of you that contacted us about these topics. If you still experience any problems, please contact us to solve them.

Softhard Solutions ShopMate team...

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