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cloud service

todler | 04/01/2015

the new version of shopmate can have its data in a cloud service. i'm not very conversant with computers, i just know how to browse internet and run programs. i have two repair shops about half a kilometer apart. does anyone know how to have database in cloud so that both sites can use it?
thank you in advance.

Re: cloud service

arden | 05/02/2015

Yes, I've done it recently. Get yourself an account at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/, they give you one month free. Create azure sql server and Database with the name you want so that shopmate can overwrite it with the same name.
You must setup the sql server firewall with ip addresses of all computers you allow to connect and on all of these setup the firewall to allow outgoing communication for port 1433 and you are ready to go.

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