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john | 12/02/2015

Hi guys.
I have three business sites. I have successfully created, and now connect to, my database on azure from my main site. But no matter what I do, I can't connect from my other two sites. Both machines have the same operating system (win 8.1 professional) as the main one. I've set both machines same as well. I've tried everything and no go.

could anyone help me please, thanks.

Re: connections

nathan | 12/02/2015

yes, i'll be interested in this as i am thinking to move my shopmate database to azure. what error message did you get connecting from the other sites?

Re: connections

john | 12/02/2015

Thanks for your reply nathan. I'm sorry, I would say any errors but there were no errors. Shopmate just will not connect to my database in azure in the sql server connection manager using the same server name, the same server user id and same password.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? It drives me crazy.

Re: connections

cornelius | 12/02/2015

This seems to point to three errors you may be making.

1. You are mistyping the server name or server user id or password.

2. You mistyped the IP addresses of the other two machines when you were putting them into azure sql server firewall for allowed IPs.

3. You have not enabled port 1433 for outgoing traffic on the machines' firewalls.

Check all this and see if it helps.

Re: connections

john | 14/02/2015

Thanks a million cornelius, it was number two you suggest. We did not know our IPs were dynamic. Every time we turn the routers off and then back on we get different Ip addresses. After we talked to our ISP, with their help, we were able to connect all three sites.

Thanks again cornelius, you are the man.

Re: connections

cornelius | 14/02/2015

I am not a man... but you are welcome.

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