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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions about Softhard Solutions YouMe, AzureMate and ShopMate operations. You may have more questions than there are here. If you do not find the answer to your question here, you can also look for some answers in our YouMe, AzureMate and ShopMate Forum Page.

If your question is about Softhard Solutions AzureMate or ShopMate operations, although we know AzureMate and ShopMate are easy to operate, some operations may be less obvious. You may find more answers on the AzureMate Page or ShopMate Page.

The questions are answered below. Please check out the answered questions, click on the Heading of desired question to reveal its answered information in full:

People frequently ask these questions

I own one main company with several branches. Each branch must have its own logo, customers, suppliers, products, employees etc. We want one common database and each branch to connect to it via network. Can ShopMate handle this situation?

The new releases of Softhard Solutions ShopMate from version 7, 8 to latest version 9, contain company branches software component. The aim of this component is to allow exactly such situation.

The Company Branches Administration Manager may be used by companies that have one or more branches in their business operations structure. Each branch is a separate business structure and handles its own data only. An exception is the Branch number one, Main Company Branch, which is associated with the Business Details Manager which handles its data.

Data for all branches is put into one common database, into the same common tables, separated only by a BranchID number. Each record in tables (for example: Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Invoices, Orders...) has a unique identification number called BranchID which is used for filtering the data. Each Branch is connected to this common database via Network.

For Softhard Solutions ShopMate administrators it is easy to connect the workstation they are currently working on from branch to branch to interrogate needed data in the Administration Module of ShopMate.

Each Branch contains separate business details that show branch logo, manager's name and address and other operational settings you may set are needed for proper display of ShopMate Reports and other system operations, so please ensure that the information in all required fields is provided and correct. The most important 'required fields' have been made compulsory.

Does AzureMate preserve the file folder structures when downloading selected files from a Blob Container to my file system?

In AzureMate, before you can select files and sub folders of files to be sent for Download, you must select, using a folder picker or typed in, a Root Folder on your filing system where the downloaded files are put. The files that contain no folder structures prefix are put in to the root folder. The files that do have folder structures prefix are put in to the root folder with the sub folder names (which are created if they do not exist) they contain.

How do I make my Payments to you for AzureMate explorer purchase and ShopMate subscriptions or purchase?

For whatever service you wish to pay the steps are the same:

1. For ShopMate, first, we need your Company Trading Name exactly as you entered it at the ShopMate Installation Time and your Email Address with which we can conduct the financial and other business together. For AzureMate we need the user email address you used to start AzureMate with.

2. Using the email address you have given us, you let us know what it is you want to pay for (subscription, purchase or network user) on our Customer Support Page where you can read further instructions as to what details we need.

3. We use the PayPal financial services for all our payments. We will send you an email message with a Request for Payment. Just follow the instructions contained in the message. Please note that all the financial transactions are guaranteed to be safe by PayPal Company.

4. When your payment is received, we will send you a special number, encoded with your User Email Address or Company Trading Name, which you use to extend your subscription to or for outright purchase of ShopMate or AzureMate.

Most Azure cloud explorers allow to upload only one file at a time and one must construct a folder structure for it. Can AzureMate upload many files at a time?

In AzureMate you can use both ways.
You can select, using a folder picker, a Root Folder full of files and sub folders of files and send it for upload to a selected Blob Container. All files in the root folder are uploaded to the root of the container and the files in the sub folders and their sub folders are prefixed with the name of the folder they come from, therefore preserving the folder structures.

Or, you can type in a folder structure you require and then you can select, using a file picker, one or more files to upload. The files are uploaded to a selected blob container with a folder structure you typed in.

Couple of Azure cloud explorers we use are unable to paginate data and, consequently, it takes a long time to see the data. Does AzureMate paginate its data downloads?

AzureMate implements pagination on both, containers and their data. The pagination is settable by the user. The only data that is not paged are Queue messages as Azure cloud system implements the ability to read only 32 messages (reading does not dequeue messages) from any Queue Container at a time.

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