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People frequently ask these questions

In AzureMate, can I build my own Table queries for entity records and save the results?

You can use the AzureMate's built-in Table Query Designer. You can save the result of entity records, or even a subset of records of the result, in to a .csv (comma separated values) file. You can then use the file in any spreadsheet for further processing.

I own more than one company. Do I have to subscribe to or purchase ShopMate for each company?

If you do not wish to Wide Area Network ShopMate, each company has a different business structure and trading name and or the companies you own must each have separate data database and Local Area Network ShopMate, then Yes. Otherwise No. ShopMate, like Sql Server, can be networked, local or wide. Check with us for great discounts for subsequent subscriptions or networking options.

If you have two or more unique companies with different trading names you must purchase or subscribe to two or more company databases. You can make the consequent installation of ShopMate database on the same SQL Server because the ShopMate database name for each company must be unique. Any copies of a database by the same company even with different database names do not count.

You do not have to make the consequent ShopMate installation on a different computer to run two or more companies, but you can create a new database with a new company name with the first installation and connect to consequent databases from one installation through networking or from the first installation through re-connecting.

As from ShopMate version 7, ShopMate also has the new Branching component. This means if you have one major company with one or more branches, you can use the ShopMate's Branching. Each branch handles its own data but the data resides in the same tables in the same database somewhere on your network.

I am in a Car Repairs business. Can ShopMate help me in my automotive business?

ShopMate has built in the Automotive Component software of Accounting side only. It does not provide any automotive calculations or engine problem measurements.

If you are in a vehicle repairs business, ShopMate keeps detailed track of all the vehicles, their owners customers, history of Vehicle Invoices issued against them with comprehensive reporting, help and much more. ShopMate also keeps track of all your spare parts you may keep in your Product Inventory in the place of your business.

The Automotive Component software of ShopMate may be switched On for vehicle repairs business or Off for other businesses by the users.

When registering ShopMate at install time, why is my Company Trading Name so important?

Many reasons.
Our base of Customer registration numbers, subscription numbers and serial numbers, which each must be unique, are generated using customer's Company Trading Name, which in turn must be unique in our database.

Company Trading Names are unique in Australia but not the World so we at Softhard Solutions Australia must be careful. If your Company Name already exists in our database, we will let you know and make measures to make it unique.

The Main Business Administration Details Manager form appears after the first time you establish connection to your SQL Server and a ShopMate database storage is created for you.

Your registration number, subscription numbers and serial number are formed and created according to your company's trading name (dots or any other punctuation marks are taken), after installing ShopMate. Creation of your ShopMate Database uses your company's trading name as serial number of the database.

In this manager you can, then, change the Trading Name of your company later on, when needed, but not until you advice us about the change and we issue you with a number that will allow you to change the name till nearest midnight and change your registration number. So you have till midnight to play with the new Trading Name(s). After midnight you have to apply to us for a new number to use.

Those business details that show ShopMate ownership and other operational settings you may set are needed for proper display of ShopMate Reports and other system operations, so please ensure that the information in all required fields is provided and correct.

Depending on what I am doing I may need to change my Company Trading Name. Can I change it and how?

We do make allowances for you to change your company's trading name in your ShopMate operations, if needed. Once you provide proof that you are the owner of the company and you tell us in writing by email EXACTLY what you want the new company name change to be and how it should appear and it is not a duplicate in our database, then we will send you your authorization number to type into ShopMate so that you can change the company name and database serial number right where you are, in the Main Business Administration Details Manager form. Email us to advice us of your company name change needed.

When you email us about the new company trading name change, you must be careful to spell the changed company name EXACTLY as it should be spelled with any dots or any other visible punctuation marks (e.g. SomeCompanyName Pty. Ltd.) otherwise the number we assign you to make ShopMate accept the company name change won't work.

Also, when we send you this special number over an e-mail message, you will have exactly till midnight of the day of issue to type that number into the authorization field and type your changed company name into the Company Name field. You can do this as many times as you want, with different names perhaps, but only till midnight.

If you have not typed the number and the changed name in before midnight (AEST; Australian eastern standard time) of the date you get the authorization number, it will no longer work after midnight. You will have to phone your ShopMate Reseller or e-mail us and get a new authorization number, making sure you type that number in before midnight of that date.