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Our ShopMateWeb Online and ShopMate Desktop Automotive Workshop business accounting Software Systems are used in dozens of countries around the world and are suitable to be used across the globe.

If you have a lot of data to store and you want it stored cheaply and economically, Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Data Storage is for you and our AzureMate will help you manage it for you.

If you are a business man or woman who is too busy to go out and meet people, our YouMe dating service app is designed for people who do not have time to go out, or do not want to go out but want to meet other people and do so in complete privacy.

Please check out Softhard Solutions Software Products below, click on the Heading of a desired system to reveal more of its information:

Softhard Solutions Software Systems

YouMe Mobile Dating Service App

YouMe Dating Service App is all about relationships, be it a friendship or mate-ship, you may find someone you match with. This app is ...

ShopMateWeb Online Business Application

ShopMateWeb Business Accounting Database Web Application is a simple to use, Cloud based, online accounting and business finance...

ShopMate Desktop Business Application

ShopMate Business Accounting Database Package is a high productivity Business Accounting Database Software Package with a...

AzureMate Cloud Data Storage Explorer

AzureMate Desktop Windows Azure Cloud Data Storage Explorer is a software program which explores your Microsoft® Windows®...

But wait, there is more... For your convenience, Softhard Solutions includes pages which are all about Business small or big, Business Accounting and Accountancy pages and for lovers of old cars Automotive History. So what more are you going to find on this website?

  • Ideas for Business - New Business Ideas
    If you are looking for Ideas for Business, thinking of starting with New Business Ideas or you have already started but need more information, you may find all the answers to your questions about business in our Small Business Analysis section of our site.

    There, you will also find answers to your questions on what you actually own in your Business, what your business copyright, trademark, intellect and other rights are? Find the information on various aspects of business intellect or Intellectual Properties, business Copyrights or Copyright and Trade Marks (or trademarks) etc. here on our website.

  • Accountancy - Accounting Theories
    Conducting any Business, small business or big business, requires a certain knowledge of Accountancy and Business Accounting. If you need to brush up on your knowledge of Business Accounting and Accountancy you will find information in our Accountancy - Accounting section on our website.

  • Automotive - Transport and History
    If your small Business or big Business is in the Automotive Transport sector or you are just interested in vehicles, you may find the information on cars, transport, history of cars and other auto mobiles, kinds of automotive fuel and other aspects of Automotive Transport you are looking for here on our website.

We hope that you find this website interesting. But wait, we are expanding, stay tuned and please... expand with us, we are open to your valuable suggestions, contact us with it....

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